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Cthulhu and Gilman

The Cthulhu Mythos

The Cthulhu Mythos has been a major interest and hobby of mine since  about 1992. I have since published a thesis on Lovecraft’s work and its influence on various subcultures (in German). You can get it at Amazon for an obscenely inflated price, but I would not recommend it. The whole thing is available for free on my original homepage, Sarkomand.de, so go there instead. It also has the benefit that you can use the Google Translate tool, if necessary.



This Thing with the Haiku

I have dabbled in composing Haiku for years, noting some down every now and then but never keeping track of where I put them. Some can be found in the margins of D&D 3rd edition character sheets of mine, actually.
After years of just dabbling I decided to be a bit more serious about this and set myself a challenge: One Haiku a day for a year, this is what came out of it: Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex

But Urban Haiku was only the first of the haiku collections. Writing haiku has become a bit of a habit, so they keep adding up.

My complete haiku works are these:

Marcus R. Gilman’s Haiku


Minutes at the Edge

Minutes at the Edge is the second podcast which developed out of Daily Steampunk. After writing a couple of blog-posts about various science matters I decided to connect weird science and real science in this podcast and do little pieces from the edge of science, hence the name.
Minutes at the Edge features the latest developments in scientific fields I am interested in. The podcast is produced on-the-fly, but in order to tackle mistakes I make during the recording, I always provide the links to the articles I used as ressources.

Here’s a sample: